Parish Social Justice Education


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Communities of Salt and Light: US Conference of Catholic Bishops [USCCB] program on how to incorporate social justice teaching into the life of the parish. These reflections offer a basic resource for pastors, parish leaders, and parishioners seeking to strengthen the social ministry of their parish bringing together the principles of our social teaching and local parish experience into a general framework for parish social ministry. This resource can be found on line or purchased from the USCCB.

“Engage! Putting Your FAITH into ACTION” :. This Catholics for Peace and Justice program is designed to introduce [and reinforce] Catholic social teaching to local parish groups such as parish councils, human concerns committees, Christian formation teams and other adult groups. The program is facilitated by members of the Catholics for Peace and Justice Education Group using aspects of Communities of Salt and Light, active discussion of the scriptural and tradition foundation of Catholic social teaching and how these moral beliefs underpin our social values, the importance and roles of charity, empowerment, advocacy and justice education; the awareness, assessment, action model of social ministry; and how to organize your parish around a social issue. More information on this program can be found here.

Habits of the Heart: A small group discussion and action program from Parker Palmer and "The Center for Courage and Renewal" based on Parker Palmer's book "Healing the Heart of Democracy" The Action Circle program teaches 5 principles for relating to others. More information plus an Action Circle Guide for small group discussion can be found here. Our Adapted Version of the Action Circle Guide incorporates Scripture and prayer into this excellent and life changing program.

1. An understanding that we are all in this together

2. An appreciation for the value of “otherness

3. An ability to hold tension in life-giving ways

4. A sense of personal voice and agency

5. A capacity to create community

Sharing the Tradition; Shaping the Future Series: A series of faith sharing booklets for small group discussion and reflection on the social teaching of the Church from the USCCB. Each booklet covers a 6-7 week program where each session covers a theme or topic incorporating prayer, scripture, reflection, focus questions, and suggested action. The first booklet in the series covers the USCCB's Seven principles of Catholic social teaching. Other booklets take a more in depth look into a single principle. Most of the booklets are printed in English and Spanish and can be purchased from USCCB Publishing for $1 each. "Search" the site for the titles. They can also be found at Amazon and other book stores.

Book 1: Sharing the Tradition, Shaping the Future - 7 weeks covering the 7 principles

Book 2: Family Community and Participation - 6 weeks

Book 3: Dignity of the Human Person - 6 weeks

Book 4: Preferential Option for and with the Poor - 6 weeks

Book 5: Solidarity with the Poor - 6 weeks