Ahead of 2022’s World Day for Refugees and Migrants, Pope Francis calls to us to build our future alongside refugees and migrants so that we may build a future with our heavenly Father. We must start building this future today so that all people have safe homes where families can thrive, and so that each generation may benefit from our work in a more inclusive and peaceful world.

Pope Francis’s statement for 2022 World Day for Migrants and Refugees:

The Refugee Crisis is a Test of our Character

A TED Talk featuring David Miliban, who says the the refugee crisis is a test of who everyone is and what he or she stands for -- and that each person has a personal responsibility to help solve it. Miliband offers specific, tangible ways to help refugees and turn empathy and altruism into action. Watch now. For more on Refugees, click here.

Justice for Immigrants website

Jesuit Refugee Service

Raids & Enforcement Actions: Nine Ways to Protect Yourself

The Justice for Immigrants website provides Enforcement Resources in English and Spanish designed for immigrants to know their rights when confronted by ICE / law enforcement. Please share with those who may need this information.

Video resources are also available

Video Resources

Written Resources

Ten Things You Can Do to Accompany Undocumented Immigrants

USCCB Pastoral Letter, March 22, 2017 - Living as a People of God in Unsettled Times

I Am Migration: I am the cause, I am the solution. Climate change. Human trafficking. Migration. The world is facing some of its most serious challenges ever. Just as humanity has contributed to these problems, we have a shared responsibility to help solve them. Visit Catholic Relief Services advocacy site I Am Migration to learn what you can do to advocate for migrants and be a part of the solution.

Immigration Concerns - Transitioning to a New Administration

From USCCB Justice for Immigrants Campaign

How Can We Assist Immigrants and Refugees?

Communicate to your parish/congregation that the Bishops and the Catholic Church support immigrants and refugees. The US Bishops are committed to working with the new administration to ensure that refugees and immigrants are humanely welcomed to the US without sacrificing our nation's security.

Catholic Relief Services Immigration

Education and Prayer Resources

Immigration Speakers Bureau - list of individuals connected with the JFI campaign in Milwaukee area that speak on immigration

Immigration Films and Documentaries - list of films with summaries that can be shown to groups

Bulletin Inserts, Scripture and Petitions - materials that can be used to educate parish members

Little Book of Immigration Myths - a small book that can be printed and assembled for handout to parish members

"Traveling Together in Hope" Wisconsin Conference of Catholic Bishops Dec 2011 letter on Immigration [well written resource]

Traveling Together in Hope Q&A and Letter in Spanish

Justice for Immigrants Resources

Immigration Basics - JFI document

Immigration Objections - JFI document

Bulletin Articles - Advent related articles that can be addapted to ordinary time

National Migration Week Resources - JFI resources

Information on the Catholic Justice for Immigrants Campaign - JFI background resource

Social Teaching Resources

Immigration Baics [2 page Ed for Justice document on immigration facts]

Root Cause of Immigration [2 page Ed for Justice document on why people come to the U.S.]

Catholic Position on Immigration [a summary of the US Bishops position on immigration including their 5 principle guidelines for immigration policy]

Immigration Fact Quiz [discussion resource: myth/fact quiz to raise awareness of some of the myths surrounding immigration]

Strangers No Longer, Together on the Journey of Hope [A Pastoral Letter Concerning Migration from the Catholic Bishops of Mexico and the United States, dated January 22, 2003-Links to USCCB]

More Ideas for Education

Are you looking for ideas for how to bring attention to the issue of migration and immigration reform at your parish?

Below is a list of some ideas you can use or offer to your staff or human concerns group to create awareness and

educate on migration and the need for comprehensive immigration reform.

1. Educate your parish pastor and staff on the issues and need for immigration reform – consider bringing in a

speaker to address staff and human concerns members of your cluster.

2. Ask your pastor to incorporate support for immigration reform into their migration week homily

3. Post information about Migration week on the front cover or other prominent place of your parish bulletin

4. Include the bishop’s letter in your bulletin or newsletter [letter available 12/12/11]

5. Include bulletin articles throughout advent, the month of January and beyond

6. Ask for a prayer for migrants to be included in weekend petitions.

7. Post copies of the USCCB National Migration Week poster throughout the church building

8. Hand out copies of the St. Josephine Bakhita prayer card or Welcoming Christ in the Migrant pamphlet

9. Advertise a parish wide book reading of “Rescuing Regina” then host a discussion session

10. Host a speaker from the Justice for Immigrants Speaker’s Bureau

11. Offer a film screening and discussion on immigration and/or trafficking from this list

12. Ask parishioners to bring a food item from and marked with their country of origin to Fellowship Sunday

13. Post an over-sized map of the world in a prominent place and ask families or youth to place a pin on their

ancestral country of origin with their family name or picture

14. Bring attention to and draw connections to how your parish is currently standing in solidarity with the poor

and displaced

15. Hand out copies of the Little Book of Immigration Myths

16. Ask parish members to contact their legislative representatives asking them to work for comprehensive

immigration reform