Prison Reform

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About the Restore Our Communities (ROC) Campaign

ROC Wisconsin’s four principal aims:

• For Wisconsin to invest in the programs and strategies that will end the racial and economic disparities that fuel mass incarceration;

• For Wisconsin to reduce its prison population to 11,000, and to reduce the number of people on extended supervision;

• For Wisconsinites to view people who have been convicted of a crime as human beings, members of families, and assets to the community;

• For formerly-incarcerated people to be restored to full participation in our communities, our economy and our civic life.

UnLock the Vote Campaign’s Issues

These bills have been introduced, but not released from legislative committees.

• LR1522 - "Unlock the Vote" - calls for people who have received a felony sentence with supervision (probation/parole/extended supervision) to regain the right to vote after their release from prison/jail. This bill would align Wisconsin with other states that have discontinued the practice of requiring people to be "off papers"; in order to vote. Currently in Wisconsin, people who have received a felony sentence must complete their terms of supervision and be "off paper" in order to vote.

• LR3567 - "Prison Gerrymandering" - calls for Wisconsin to count incarcerated people in their home district for the purposes of determining the number of voters in each election district. Currently Wisconsin exacerbates its voting district gerrymandering by counting incarcerated people in the location of the prison in which they are detained, even though they must return to their home municipality once released and may not live or vote in the place where the prison is located following release.

New WISDOM Video that documents the benefits of Treatment Alternatives and Diversions over incarceration.

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