Intentional Change

Simple Actions for Ecological Change

Instead, get a water bottle, clean it regularly, and drink your own water. Offer a pitcher of water at meetings. Bottled water companies are draining the water tables of other communities, exhausting their aquifers, and lowering the levels of their streams and lakes (and property values) so you can buy cheap “convenient” water. Water is heavy. It takes a lot of energy to truck it to your local store, not to mention the plastic bottle that is made from oil and with even more oil, coal or natural gas to make it. To add more injury, over 80% of water bottles are dumped in landfills or worse scattered across our environment and never recycled. Decide whether you want to make this intentional change, then share this information and challenge others to do the same including at your parish and work place.

Don’t buy bottled water.

Simple Action #1