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Fair Trade and Economic JusticeIn his papal encyclical Peace on Earth Pope John XXIII stresses the need for all people to provide for the universal common good of the global family. All people have the right to life, food, clothing, shelter, health care, education and work with a just wage. Human dignity, which is given by God to every person, flourishes where each person has the ability to adequately care for themselves and their family, and the ability to contribute back to the community to which they belong. These concepts of human dignity and care for the common good of all people are born out in the acts of compassion Jesus Christ bestows upon the poor and down trodden of his society and in the actions of the early Church who in community encouraged the contribution of gifts of each individual while sharing what each had for the common good of all.

Four Corner’s Fair Trade recently updated and published a new

Fair Trade Directory for Milwaukee.

The Fair Trade Directory now includes many more coffee shops and restaurants along with websites that sell fair trade and sustainable clothing online thus giving people more options for buying fair, especially in today's online shopping world. In researching the Directory, we found that more than one hundred cafes and restaurants in the area serve Fair Trade certified or at least Socially Responsibly grown coffee and tea. Milwaukee is truly a Fair Trade City.

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Fair Trade Milwaukee - Milwaukee has been named a Fair Trade City - one of only 7 in the nation. Learn more about why support fair trade and how to choose "clean" clothes.

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Four Corners of the World Fair Trade Store gives you the opportunity to vote for justice by making available for purchase fairly traded and environmentally sustainable products from around the world