About Us

Our Mission

Catholics for Peace and Justice - Who We Are Catholics for Peace and Justice (CPJ) is a Catholic Christian organization of laity and clergy whose beliefs and actions are rooted in Sacred Scripture and Catholic social principles. The goal of CPJ is to support the Church’s “consistent ethic of life,” which sees war, poverty and human rights abuses, as well as abortion, as part of the “culture of death” the late Pope John Paul II often condemned.

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“And the fruit of justice is sown in peace for those who cultivate peace.” James 3:18

Responding to our baptismal call, Catholics for Peace and Justice strives to nurture faith in action for peace and justice for all people through prayer, education, and social action. Our belief and actions are grounded in Sacred Scripture and the tradition of Catholic Social Teaching.

Justice and Peace Defined

Justice is defined as the love of God given to each and every person through our love of neighbor as all humanity is united in the dignity and image of the Creator. Peace is not defined as the absence of war, but as justice in charity for the common good of all people.

Vision Statement

Catholics for Peace and Justice will strive to share and live the Gospel and tradition of the Church in a way that will transform society toward a state of justice that will bring about peace in our world. Catholics for Peace and Justice will:

    • Actively build a broad base organization of Catholics who are united by their faith and commitment to the Church’s teaching of human dignity and social justice.

    • Vigorously catechize on the fullness of Catholic Social Teaching through increasing public awareness, offering formation programs, and providing formation tools and support to parishes with the goal of transforming Catholic Social Teaching into vital social actions.

    • Collaborate with our archdiocese, other diocese in the United States, other Catholic religious organizations, parishes, educational institutions, charitable organizations and social action groups to increase significantly our public presence on justice and peace issues.

    • Collaborate with ecumenical and interfaith organizations on justice education, advocacy, and social action.

    • Address specific local, national and global issues that oppose the attainment of justice and peace in our society through prayer, public awareness, and social action.