Social Teaching Documents

Documents that Express the Social Teachings of the Church

Joy of the Gospel, (Evangelli Gaudium), Pope Francis - Communal commitment, mission and the Gospel

Charity in Truth, (Caritas in Veritate), Pope Benedict XVI - Authentic human development and social justice


The Harvest of Justice is Sown in Peace, US Conference of Catholic Bishops - Just War theory


The Gospel of Life  (Evangelium Vitae). Pope John Paul – human dignity and consistent ethic of life


One Hundred Years  (Centisimus Annus), Pope John Paul – human dignity and human rights


The Social Concerns of the Church  (Solicitudo Rei Socialis), Pope John Paul – solidarity and option for the poor


On Human Work  (Laborem Exercens), Pope John Paul – human dignity and right to work


Evangelization in the Modern World  (Evangelii Nuntiandi), Pope Paul VI - need for Christian participation in politics


The Church in the Modern World (Gaudium et Spes), Vatican II - role of the Christian in society


Peace on Earth (Pacem in Terris), Pope John XXIII - human rights and the cold war


The Reconstruction of the Social Order  (Quadragesimo Anno), Pope Pius XI - condition of labor