Faithful Citizenship

Bring Christ to Election 2016!

Not happy with the election? Is it difficult to engage in civil dialogue with friends and neighbors? There is hope. In September and October Catholics for Peace and Justice with the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Office for Human Dignity will be sponsoring a 2 evening program to reflect on the 2016 election through the eyes of faith.

NIGHT ONE: Fr. Chuck Schramm, ThM, MSW will discuss the challenge of interfacing spirituality and politics and forming our conscience in these tough political times and Debra Schneider, MA will provide some practical tips for engaging in civil dialogue.

NIGHT TWO:facilitators will lead small group discussions on issues facing the electorate. Learn skills for civil dialogue, share your views, and listen to other members of our faith community in a safe environment.

Sept 8/15 at Our Lady of Lourdes
Sept 21/28 St James Menomonee Falls 
Oct 6/13 St John Cathedral

or Call Andrew Musgrave at 414.271.6577 or Debra Schneider at 414.550.2167



As Christians we are called by Christ to vote for candidates that respect the dignity of all stages of human life. Come together to find calm amidst the chaos. 

Study: US Conference of Catholic Bishops Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship
The following is excerpted from Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship

"The Catholic bishops of the United States are pleased to offer once again to the Catholic faithful Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, our teaching document on the political responsibility of Catholics." "The statement lifts up our dual heritage as both faithful Catholics and American citizens with rights and duties as participants in the civil order."

"It is as citizens faithful to the Lord Jesus that we contribute most effectively to the civil order. This document consists mainly of the statement adopted overwhelmingly by the bishops in 2007, plus certain limited revisions by way of update. In particular, this version draws on the wealth of papal teaching since the 2007 version of Faithful Citizenship, such as the later magisterium of Pope Benedict XVI and that of Pope Francis to date. From these great teachings we discern, for example, messages to the universal Church to attend in a special way: to the inextricable link between our witness to the truth and our service to those in need (Caritas in Veritate); to our role as missionary disciples, called forth from the sanctuary to bring Christ to the margins with joy (Evangelii Gaudium); and to the care for our common home and all who dwell in it, especially the poorest (Laudato Si’). The document is also updated to take account of recent developments in the United States in both domestic and foreign policy."

Read the Full Document Here. Visit the USCCB Website page on Faithful Citizenship.

Joe Biden and John Boehner: Our Faith Inspires Political Compromise
Christopher Hale – Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good
“Last week, I had the honor of interviewing the first Catholic Vice President Joseph Biden and the former Speaker of the House John Boehner at Notre Dame on how the Catholic faith inspires them to go beyond partisanship, build friendship among political opponents, and seek the common good.”
"I don't like John Boehner," Biden told me. "I love him." Read the article printed in TIME
Also from Christopher Hale “Should Women Be Deacons in the Catholic Church”

USCCB Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship - A Call to Political Responsibility
Milwaukee Archdiocese Faithful Citizenship Web Page
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Aug 29, 2016, 11:24 AM