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Screening "Inequality for All"

Host a parish or in home screening of "Inequality for All" 
A passionate argument for the middle class.  The 400 richest Americans now own more wealth than the bottom 150 million combined. Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich sees this disparity as a threat to democracy. “Inequality for All" explains why.  Discussion guide and discussion leaders and assistance with promotion are available through Catholics for Peace and Justice.  Contact us at  

Inequality for All – Resource and Action Guide
Contact and Educate Your Legislators Using 

An intractable problem: For the last half-century, Milwaukee has been caught in a relentless social and economic spiral, By John Schmid and Kevin Crowe, JS Online 

Public health experts in Milwaukee and around the nation now see a direct link between childhood trauma and an incapacitated workforce. Improving the latter is impossible without addressing the former. Children exposed to abuse, violence and neglect may not be able to concentrate in school, much less job training programs. They often grow up without the temperament to coordinate with customers and co-workers. They struggle with sleep disorders and register high levels of absenteeism.   "Adding good new jobs won’t heal post-traumatic stress,"  Read the Article

Poverty, Inequality and Economics: A Series of Short Films by Robert Reich

In MoveOn’s Big Picture video series on how to save the economy hosted on their website, former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich lays out a series of economic principles and policy proposals that could create an economy that works for everyone. The series includes fight for $15, End Mass Incarceration, Help Working Families, Reinvent Education and more. Each of the videos is less than three minutes. View them here.

Banks Should Stay Out of Payday Lending

In past years, WISDOM took on payday lending in Wisconsin and was successful in gaining protections to cap interest rates and limit the number of rollovers allowed. We believe regulation of lending is a moral issue. No amount of corporate lobbying or campaign contributions can blind people of faith to the clear moral and ethical imperative to protect the needy from the unscrupulous.

Banks want to back in to the payday lending business. They are attacking hard won consumer protections like the ones we fought hard to win in Wisconsin. We have to stop them!

Here’s what you can do to help right now: 
Sign on to this letter urging banks to pledge not to enter the payday lending business. Share this with members of your congregation and ask them to sign on too.

Predatory payday lending has devastating effects on Wisconsin families and communities. It strips consumers of their hard-earned money, traps borrowers in a never-ending cycle of high-cost debt, and preys on American families precisely when they are struggling with the most difficult circumstances.

Wisconsin’s predatory lending industry profits exceed 500% interest on loans. These loans disproportionately impact communities of color. The Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions reports there are 222 licensed payday lenders operating in Wisconsin. Wisconsin consumers to pay over $500 million dollars annually in excessive fees.

Thanks for your support. Click here for more information and a report by the Center for Responsible Lending.

Paul Ryan on Past Comments About the Poor: 'I Was Just Wrong'
"There was a time when I would talk about a difference between 'makers' and 'takers' in our country, referring to people who accepted government benefits. But as I spent more time listening, and really learning the root causes of poverty, I realized I was wrong. 'Takers' wasn’t how to refer to a single mom stuck in a poverty trap, just trying to take care of her family. Most people don't want to be dependent. And to label a whole group of Americans that way was wrong. I shouldn’t castigate a large group of Americans to make a point.

"So I stopped thinking about it that way—and talking about it that way. But I didn’t come out and say all this to be politically correct. I was just wrong." See more

A Few Things You Need to Know About Poverty in the U.S. Right Now

As Catholics, we strive for an economy that places people first. Everyone has a right to live in dignity, free from poverty, with decent work at just wages. Life in America is far from our Catholic understanding of a just economy.  Read the article

Resources for Combating Poverty
Wisconsin Council of Churches 

Building Thriving Community; Beyond Segregation in Milwaukee – Sunday, Oct 5 

Community Organizers
WISDOM Affiliates – 11x15 Prison Reform   
Common Ground – Fair Play, Milwaukee Rising, Healthcare Coop    

Citizens United/Campaign Funding Reform
Story of Citizens United 

Minimum Wage
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities offers a succinct primer on the minimum wage  

Also see for campaigns on raising the minimum wage.

Voter Registration - Milwaukee County Referendum