Catholics for Peace and Justice
is an organization of people in southeastern Wisconsin who affirm the Church's teaching on human dignity which upholds a "consistent ethic of life" for all. We are concerned about the state of our nation and world. We see a world threatened by war, terrorism, growing economic inequality, environmental catastrophe, and divisions between religions, nations, races, genders, and ethnic groups. We call on Catholics, and all people of faith, to consider whether their political and economic beliefs and actions are reflective of their faith.

Catholics for Peace and Justice Monthly Newsletter

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Building Thriving Community Beyond Segregation in Milwaukee "City Wide Dialogue" – Oct 5

Sunday, October 5
, 12:30-3:30 pm City-wide Dialogue
 “Building Thriving Community: Beyond Segregation in Milwaukee” at the Zilber School of Public Health.  Come to engage with others in dialogue, to share diverse perspectives, and to create new relationships and networks. Free and open to the public.

Featured Book:  The New Jim Crowe, Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness By Michelle Alexander

Invitation to the Annual School of the Americas Watch "Teach-in and Vigil" 
participate in the annual School of the Americas Watch teach-in and vigil on November 21-23, 2014, in Columbus, GA. 

Following Pope Francis

On Conflict:
“Conflict arises when people judge others; look only at others' defects, not their gifts; give more weight to differences than common ground; make themselves the top priority; and follow their own ambitions and points of view" 
“...the holiness of the church [is] in recognizing in each other the image of God."
Pope Francis – August 27, 2014
Advocating for Peace, Justice, Human Dignity and the Empowerment of Others
Join with others in our community advocating for the poor and disenfranchised. Advocacy works when we work together.

       Let's Make Poverty a Campaign Issue     
WISDOM, along with the Wisconsin Council of Churches, is asking people of faith from throughout Wisconsin to sign on to the “Faithful Citizenship” statement. Together with the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families and the Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund, we are holding gatherings around the state to talk about the depth of the scandal of poverty and about the role of faith communities and faithful individuals in confronting it. You can read and sign on to our statement here.   It is drawn from the input of more than 150 diverse faith leaders in Wisconsin.  Use the letter in your conversations about the upcoming election. Invite your friends, family and fellow congregants to add their names. Wisdom will present these letters and signatures in October to those who wish to be elected in November. Together we can make poverty a key issue of the upcoming election!

      Inequality for All - The Results Are In       
On September 23 a little over 100 people gathered at Our Lady of Lourdes to view the Robert Reich film “Inequality for All” and engage in discussion about the content of the film.   Here are some of the concerns that were raised in discussion: cost of education; percentage of children in poverty; magnitude of the crisis; the wealthy may have a misplaced appreciation for the issues; the working poor are blamed for not doing enough, when in fact they are often working multiple jobs; we don’t take into consideration the issues involved with being born into poverty; the era of “the company will take care of me” is probably over.  Here are some resources and actions you can take to educate yourself, educate your legislators and join others to create change.  Check out NetFlix if you have not yet seen the film. 

US Bishops Request Executive Action on Immigration Reform Read full article

    11X15 Calling for an End to Solitary Confinement     
On Wednesday, October 1 WISDOM, as a part of its campaign for prison reform, will demonstrate the torture that is solitary confinement by producing a life-size replica of a solitary confinement cell on the capitol steps.  Governor Walker, Dept. of Corrections, Secretary Wall and legislators will be asked to spend time in the cell and reflect on ways to reform our broken corrections system. Read the latest Reform Now brief “Solitary Confinement is Torture”.   Learn more about this campaign Also see "The New Jim Crowe" as suggested book reading below.